Guitar Hero for Conductors?

I just got back from the Dance Repository Theatre’s preview of Canción del Cuerpo, which was intriguing enough that I’ll want to see it when it’s finished.

One interesting gimmick William Meadow’s use of Wiimotes to control the score. I can imagine a fun version of Guitar Hero or Rock Band where you conduct with Wiimotes, but I’m not sure I see the value in a real performance (other than the novelty). If you’re going to rely on digital recordings, having a human at the helm is like having a human umpire call balls and strikes: the human element can only add mistakes.

I can understand the appeal of a live orchestra: even my uncultured non-audiophile ears appreciate the difference between a real orchestra and a pair of speakers. But once you have the speakers, what’s the point of having a live conductor? Why wouldn’t you just use the best recording?

Guitar Hero for Conductors?

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